A new Golf Bag for 2020

We all remember our first. That exhilarating feeling of ripping off the plastic and fitting your balls and rods in there, whether it was your hardwood driver, or trusty little putter. Oh, the green glow of envy when all your friends saw her for the first time. The whispered murmurs of wishing they had something that damn sexy keeping their equipment safe. Ah, yes. Our good old first there with us from the very beginning when we were still so woefully inexperienced. A time where every stroke brought us closer and closer to the euphoria of golf. We will never forget our first golf bag. But that was a long time ago and we aren’t wet behind the ears anymore. Likewise, our old bag has seen better days. She just doesn’t seem that vibrant anymore and doesn’t just loyally follow you without a bit of moaning and groaning.

So boys, here is the real question; has your old bag been keeping you from the love of your life? Has she been the eyesore you conveniently forgot at home instead of joining your colleagues at the club after work? Heaven forbid she’s the reason you’re actually attending business meetings instead of using them as an excuse for your office affair, lovely lady golf! It’s a hard pill to swallow, but maybe she’s just no good for you anymore. Take your balls back and put yourself out there again.

There are plenty of new and exciting models in the market and you don’t have to be a one-buy man. However, with all the new exotic flavors in the market, you have to know what to look out for; who you’re getting in bed with. You don’t want some cheap bag making a lot of promises only to leave you with unsafe balls or, God forbid, a bent shaft! So guys, let’s have some fun looking at models that are nice to look at and even better to play with.

The Sun Mountain C-130

This first model from Montanna brings a HUGE amount of joy to guys who are susceptible to the plus size persuasion. The C-130 from Sun Mountain has everything you need from beginner to pro with extra space to boot and no cons to speak of.


  • Twelve color combinations to choose from (black, camo, navy, black-woodland-camo, cactus-black-inferno, chili-gunmetal, cobalt-black, gunmetal-black-red, iron-cement, iron-gunmetal-gray-lime, navy-white-red, and navy-gray.)
  • Ten spacious pockets.
  • Matching rain hood to make her stand out even in the rain.
  • 14 Full length dividers..
  • New innovative smart strap system.
  • Water resistant pocket to keep score sheet dry and ready.

The Callaway Org 14

Next up, a model from California that has a more proportionate figure, but will still make your mouth drop. The Org 14 from Callaway has quick access for those men who just simply can’t wait.


  • 14 Full length dividers for a better fit.
  • Weighs only 5.8 pounds.
  • Dual pen holders are a convenient extra.
  • Magnetic pockets for quick and secure access.


  • Cooler is only average in size.

The PING Hoofer

Our next model is a hot Arizona joy that is both a cheap date and might even clean your floor. She is a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate players. It’s the Hoofer from PING.


  • One of the best priced golf bags for what your getting.
  • Rain hood is padded making sure your equipment is safe during transportation.
  • A strap connector makes transporting the bag a painless affair.
  • Good amount of colours to choose from (navy/white/red, graphite/silver/blue, graphite/black/red, black/white/canyon copper and black).


  • A focus on core mechanics leaves her a little naked compared to other bags.
  • Less space than other bags in the same price range.
  • Not robust enough for the workload of more advanced players.

The Titleist Men’s 14 way stand bag

Our last model on the list is all the way from Massachusetts. She can help you work up a sweat and even sticks around to take care of you afterwards. The Men’s 14 way stand bag from Titleist will keep you going for longer.


  • Eight total pockets with lots of room to spare.
  • Towel ring and rain hood included for those wet situations.
  • Comfortable dual straps that don’t dig into you on the move.
  • 14 Way divider to keep your clubs organized.
  • Great attention to detail from stitching to zippers.


  • No ground breaking differences from most recent previous versions.

Well boys, there you have it. A look at what is waiting for you out there instead of that dirty old bag keeping you from the passionate action of lady golf. So get out there, pick up one of the latest models and start feeling the rush and excitement of showing her off to all your swinger friends down at the club. Hit the green with pride knowing that every man out there is enviously staring at the beauty they can only look at but you get to play with.

Noveltees – Get it?

Naked Golf Tee

Par-tee it up, personalize it, or specialize it to a tee.  Golf is one of those sports with endless options for everything.  There are countless products for the fair-weather fan, enthusiast, and professional golfer all the way from clubs, golf balls, apparel, and training equipment.  The options are endless, and it only makes sense to make golf tees for every possible occasion and necessi-tee.

Beer a Hole of Golf

Some of the most common novelty golf tees on the market today seem to cater to bachelor and bachelorette golf outings.  Sexy bikini golf tees, male model golf tees, and even nude golf tees are a fun way to liven up a day on the course. For a less risque golf ‘partay’, bride and groom golf tees are a cute option.  They make caddy girl golf tees, hillbilly golf tees, you can even find a golf tee with your favorite fruit on top as the tee. What will they come up with next?! Here are some links to some of our favorites:

Tees now come in every color of the rainbow, and for the avid golfer/enthusiast a pink and/or blue tees tie in nicely with a gender reveal baby announcement golf outing.  Personalized tees have been a popular option for some time now. There’s no better way to keep up with your accessories when you can personalize them with your name or favorite color.  They also make nice take away favors from a party or business outing when an event title or company logo is etched along the side of the tee. 

Yee haw!

Who says golf and politics don’t go together?  Well, apparently they do now. With a similar appearance to a bobble head, companies like Tee Tops are now manufacturing president tees.  They may not have your favorite president, but at least they can hold your ball in place while you swing. This could be an interesting item to bring to the course during election time.  One would definitely need a sense of humor for these tees.

Personalization can even go as far as selecting tees to perfect your swing.  GuaranTees are tees made out of 100% recycled materials. This material is supposed to be 50 times stronger than wood, and will not break with a strong swing like many cheap golf tees.  They are designed to perform best with larger, newer 460cc drivers. Made with durable professional grade recycled plastic, these tees are virtually unbreakable and come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.  This is supposed to give golfers the confidence needed to hit longer, straighter drives every time. So, literally, something for everybody.

Have you ever heard of a zero-friction golf tee?  This is another product that is supposed to assist you with accurate drives.  Caiton is the company who makes these tees. They are rated the longest, most accurate tee in independent laboratory tests.  The tee has a three pronged top, and apparently it significantly reduces the contact area between the tee and the ball, providing unparalleled distance and accuracy.  For optimum performance, just aim one zero friction prong at the target. The height is adjustable, and they come in a variety of colors.

When you find your ball just in bounds....

What a cute way to take the seriousness out of the game and add a little humor to the sport.  It’s a creative way to add a little fun to your golf outing no matter the occasion, and even creative ways to help you with your swing.  I’m interested to see what they come up with next.

Golf Forever with a Unique Urn

If your loved one seemed to spend every possible moment on the golf course, and every moment standing idle was an opportunity to practice a golf swing, well…they might have been obsessed with golf.  We all know that every obsessed golfer needs a final resting place that will memorialize their obsession for generations to come. Green Meadow Memorials is your one stop online shop for engraved golf urns.

Their Signature Alder Line features custom made hardwood alder cremation urns that have been handcrafted by US Air Force Veterans.  What an incredible way to pay tribute to your loved one’s passion and support our veterans. These gorgeous urns are exclusively sold by Green Meadow Memorials, meaning these urns cannot be found anywhere else.

Alder wood has a fine grain, and gives a dark contrast to the lighter color of the wood.  When artwork is engraved into the alder, for example: (the golfer or golf ball artwork), their crisp details stand out beautifully against the wood’s surface.  This urn features large text engraving areas on the front and back of the urn, providing plenty of space for heartfelt sentiments. If your loved one lived for the sport, you need to show it off on these handsome urns.

The Walnut Prestige Line of urns are Green Meadow Memorials’ top quality product offerings, and provide a value in craftsmanship and materials that cannot be beat.  Made of solid walnut and crafted by artisans in the USA, this line features unique golf photographs that showcase three different golfing images. These high resolution prints are made with archival quality ink to ensure the photographs will last for years to come.  Text can be added to the photograph itself, making it a completely custom memorial.

Green Meadow Memorials also offers a selection of metal urns that can feature the golfer or golf ball artwork.  Golf artwork engravings are available on the Gunmetal Gray, Midnight Blue, and Purple Luster Urns.

You can display the satisfaction of a round well played as you memorialize the one you love with the Golf Ball or Golfer Cremation Urn in Gunmetal Grey.  The Gunmetal Gray Urn’s neutral color make a perfect canvas for artwork and text engravings, and is Green Meadows’ top selling memorial.  The golf artwork will catch your eye, and is attractive when displayed amongst any decor.

Or, tee it high, and let it fly!  The golfer’s swing or golf ball is also beautifully engraved onto the Golf Urn in Midnight Blue.  All engravings stand out nicely against the bold color of the urn. Below the artwork, and on the back of all metal urns are large custom engraving spaces available for names, dates, and sentiments.  

Finally, you can let their love of the game live on with the Purple Luster Golf Ball Urn.  This urn combines Green Meadow’s exclusive golf artwork over a textured lavender finish to create an attractive resting place for your loved one. 

Green Meadow Memorials also provides you with a step by step personalization process for, and provides a list of popular sentiments typically used for engravings.  If you decide you would like to completely customize your text with your own poems, verses, or lyrics, you can do that too! Here’s the best part…You can see what your finished product will look like online before you purchase, and all engraving estimates and shipping charges are free!!!  What a deal!

Funniest Moments in Golf

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is an aspiring hockey player turned golfer. His hilarious outbursts and bizarre behavior prevent him from being accepted by any hockey team. Oddly, Happy Gilmore becomes quite the attraction at the golf course and the PGA is forced to accept him as he is a crowd favorite. I have many personal favorite scenes from this movie including a fist-fight with none other than Bob Barker himself.

Jackass: The Movie

Johnny Knoxville and the boys up to no good as usual. In this scene the guys are using an air-horn to disrupt the golf game of some innocent bystanders. Their reactions? Precitable. Frustration. Anger and maybe even a hint of violence. After refusing to stop using the airhorn some golfers even turned their aim at the crew while they hid in the bushes. Ouch!


After a frustrating golf lesson on the green Miles and Jack get hit into by another impatient group of golfers. Miles turns his aim right around at the crowd and fires back with astounding success. The result? A golf cart full of angry dudes and Miles running at them like a maniac. Brilliant.


Who can forget Caddyshack? In this clip with the late Rodney Dangerfield he hits his ball right into the ball bag of Ted Knight. Owwy! Caddyshack is almost too full of hilarious clips to list but this one is easily among the top 5 in the movie.

Caddyshack 2

Possibly one of the most terrible sequels ever release to date is Caddyshack 2. If you are able to manage suffering through 1 hour and 39 minutes of pure hell you might at least get a chuckle or two. This scene involves a 12-gauge golf club, laser putter and an utter disrespect for quality cinema. Have a laugh or maybe shed a tear by watching this.

PGA Tour Moments – 2017

A complilation of 5 funny moments from the 2017 PGA Tour

  • #5 – Putting with your pants off. I mean who hasn’t want to do this? Ball in the water? No problem just take off your pants and chip it on in. If putting in your underwear wasn’t enough you might as well take the rest off. Shawn Stefani in this clip shows us how it’s done by playing in the water. Remarks from the commentators include “That’s what i’d do if i had that body”.
  • #4 – Zach Johnson with a put that interferences with another ball on the green and ends up bouncing into the hole.
  • #3 – A chip gone wrong. An agile cameraman is able to dodge a dodgy chip just barely. Well done mate.
  • #2 – Jordan Spieth “going to try something stupid here” and pulls off a brilliant chip to put the ball only feet from the pin.
  • #1 – Alligator on course? Go ahead and grab it’s tail. Cody barely misses returning to the green with both hands intact.

Your (golf) Balls

I’ve got golf balls, you’ve got golf balls, but who has the best golf balls of them all?!?

Keep your balls clean.
Generally good advice. Dirty balls bad.

If you read that and don’t hear screeching classic AC/DC lyrics, you’re doing it wrong. – Ed.

Too many balls, too many choices.  We’re talking about golf balls ladies and gentlemen, and who knew there could be so many options when selecting the best ball for your game.  There are an overwhelming number of brands, models, and styles, which makes the process of selecting the right ball an intimidating process for even the experienced golfer.

Today’s golf balls deliver unmatched performance when it comes to spin, distance, and control.  As we continue to make strides in technology, a diversity of options become available, and golfer’s have to analyze their own skill level in order to determine which ball will be the best for their game.

It’s fun to try new equipment and see how it affects your game, but if you’re truly interested in improving your game and shooting your best scores, it is best to find a brand and model that fits your budget and stick with it.  Understanding what each type of ball is designed to do on the course is important and can truly make a difference in your game. We’ll start with the differences in construction. There are two main types: Two-piece construction, and multi-layered construction.

Golf Ball Cutaway

Two-piece golf balls are a nice choice for beginners and high-handicap golfers with slower swing speeds.  With a larger core, distance is maximized, while movement and spin are minimized. The outside covering is thick and provides an extra layer of protection on uncontrolled shots.  If you’re a beginner, your main objective is to hit the ball straight as you’re still learning control throughout the course. Even minor changes in spin rate or feel can add another level of complexity to a novice’s game, making a two-piece ball a better choice.

Multi-layered golf balls on the other hand work well for mid-to-low handicappers whose games are more about precision, control, and faster swing speeds.  The core and middle layers enhance control, shot sculpting, and feel. The thin covering offers added spin control and adds a soft crisp sensation when contact is made with the ball.

The core is what drives compression and is needed to support the energy transfer when the club makes contact with the ball.  This creates a spring-like effect. The lower the compression, the more this effect is maximized, and typically golfers with slower swing speeds benefit from a lower compression ball.  Higher compression balls are ideal for more experienced golfers and faster swing speeds.

The complexity of a golf ball continues on to two types of ball coverings.  As if the ball wasn’t already complex enough. The Surlyn cover is the original golf ball cover, and is designed for lower spin, is more durable, and great for beginners.  

Urethane covers are a higher end material and used by more intermediate and advanced players.  It’s also worth noting that balls in the same price range but made by a different manufacturer will vary.  Some golf balls feel soft coming off a drive shot while others feel more firm, and the same is true for other shots played on the green. 

Hit Here Dumbass Golf Ball

Try a couple of different styles and brands and determine which will improve your game. At a minimum it will be a fun experiment, hopefully inching closer to the game you’re wanting to achieve. Remember, you have to hit the ball to play. So use balls you can hit.

Performance Enhancing Clothing

It’s time to impress your golf buddies by looking like a goof. 

Golf Clothes Gonna Get Laid
Golf Swing Shirt
Hold my beer, watch this.

Likely to be the strangest looking contraption ever invented for the sport, the golf swing shirt is designed to help you stay connected with your golf swing.  With a fit more likely to alarm than comfort, it feels more like a straightjacket than a shirt when you slip it on. You simply insert your arms through a snug-fitting center sleeve that’s designed to keep your arms and body more aligned and centered.  

The golf swing training shirt will help you grow a consistent swing on the course, and will improve your short game and putting game too.  While it may make for a funny outfit for fellow players to mock on the range, you’ll be the one laughing when your fellow golf mates see how much your game has improved.

The golf swing shirt’s sleek and clever design is a great training aid for golfers who struggle with the “flying elbow”, or staying connected with their swing and follow through.  It’s easy to take on and off. The fabric is lightweight and flexible while still holding your frame in place while you swing. The golf swing shirt is made out of a moderate weight, stretchy fabric and is made to last for seasons to come.

It may take a little time to adjust to drives, and longer shots (especially for larger golfers), but is pretty intuitive for putting and shorter shots.   The shirt is designed to keep your arms close to your chest during your swing to give you the sensation of what perfect alignment should feel like. This way you can get a sense of what it feels like when you use your chest to support and move your arms through the swing rather than just using your hands and arms to flip the club around your back.

No, he isn’t in a padded room. Yes, he put that on voluntarily.

With practice, your body will start to form a muscle memory and your arms will begin to act the same way, swing after swing with no variation.   As you practice your arms will start to recognize the proper forward and backward motion of the swing, and you will begin to feel the proper sensation and gain confidence as your swing naturally begins to improve.

Once you get the ‘swing’ of the golf swing shirt with some solid practice time under the sleeve of the shirt, you can remove your arms and place them through the ‘normal’ arm holes.  Take some strokes and see if you have been able to train your body to make the proper swinging movement. The goal is to use your legs and core to move the club through the swing. This will give you more power through the swing and into your follow through.  The result will be a much straighter and more consistent swing.

The golf swing shirt has been field tested on hundreds of golfers at all skill levels, and 98% (at least!) of test subjects dramatically improved their swing, consistency, and overall game.  You will increase distance, accuracy, and learn how to chip and putt like a rockstar with t-rex arms.

If you are looking for the ultimate instruction for your golf swing, the golf swing shirt is the one stop shop to dramatically improve your game and assure others on the course of your level of commitment.

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